With Lifestyle Alchemy, we get clear on your goals, remove any potential blockages, create a systematic protocol and then take consistent inspired action towards those goals. 

This holistic program focuses on the connection between mind, body & life to ensure that we optimize the way you do everything. 

If you are ready and committed to making changes in your life, to heal, to optimize, to level up or to transform completely, Lifestyle Alchemy coaching is for you. 


Samantha's Real life but BETTER

I live a blissfully beautiful life.

I feel healthy, happy and free.

I have a strong and capable body, a balanced and bright mind, plenty of energy and stamina.

I grow my own organic food and share delicious meals with my friends, family and community.

I live on a fertile piece of lush land, surrounded by loved one, animals, nature and clean water.

My home is charming and quaint. It is modest, environmentally friendly and filled with plants. There is plenty of music and dancing, gatherings and storytelling in my home.

I have an immense family network of incredible human beings. We love and care for one another and demonstrate appreciation regularly. We feel safe and secure in our relationships, we enrich each otherโ€™s lives and strive for greatness as a team.

I have the fortune of working remotely, I set my own schedule and choose the people that I work with. I help others reconnect to themselves, each other and the Earth.

I am both financially and location independent; this allows me to spend my winters in a warm country where I connect with like-minded wanderlusters, nomads and other snowbirds. I do not freeze in the winter, I spend my days making love to the ocean.

I am committed to learning every single day. I feed my thirst for knowledge and am diversified in what I know. My mind is sharp and my perspective stays open.

I am known for my warmth, my hugs, my smile, my laugh and the way that I love. I love people hard. I love myself unconditionally. I love and surrender to the Universe and the unknown. I am a lighthouse.  

I stay present in the moments and practice gratitude each day as I revel in living my

Real life but BETTER.