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Sara Real Life But Better

Sara Anderson


Certified Nutritional Practitioner with a special interest in Herbal Medicine, Inner Child Healing Facilitator, Creativity & Curiosity Coach


My goal is to create spaces for people to free their inner child and live a life full of love, authenticity, joy, wellness and creativity! At the end of the day, life is meant to be enjoyed!


Hey, I'm Sara, 

I create spaces for people to reconnect with the curiosity, creativity, joy and love of their inner child, in order to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling and authentic lives. I do this through 1-1 coaching/mentoring, holistic wellness and creativity workshops and retreats.

I facilitate environments for children to be children and wonder, explore, create and learn to live authentic, happy and healthy lives through the lifespan. I do this through individual family mentoring/workshops, group classes and programs.


Professional Bio/Experience : 

Sara Anderson is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, graduating from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Ottawa campus in 2016. Completed an apprenticeship at a herbal medicine clinic. Before attending IHN she attended Carleton University for Child Studies and holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education, graduating from Seneca College. She is a Red Cross swim instructor, and has been running a successful swim instruction business since 2009.

Kierra Van Roots Real Life But Better

Kierra Van Roots

I am so grateful and excited and to walk beside you on this journey of self-healing.


About Kierra

Kierra Van Roots is a wildly happy human and Holistic Nutritionist who studied at the renowned Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

She is a lady on a mission of love, specializing in empowering those with anxiety and depression to rediscover their inner MAGIC.

Through her own healing journey and experience with anxiety, depression, she found deep healing by through Herbal medicine, Ayurvedic practice, Homeopathy, ABM, Organic Farms and light work and the power of love.

In her 1 on 1 coaching she emphasizes the power of whole food nutrition, orthomolecular medicine and integrative self-care techniques for mind-body optimization.


Kierra Van Roots is also passionate about plant based cooking. Walking the plant based walk since 10 years of age, she is a self- taught chef with over a decade of experience with plant based cooking, and spends her spare time creating amazing recipes, foraging and making healing tinctures and teas.

She is an ambassador for Real Life But Better, a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Wonderland where she empowers and educates people in safe spaces to open up and free themselves from toxic patterns that hold them back from their true potential.

Jess Real Life But Better

Jess Kelly

I guide you in optimizing your well-being by coming to an understanding of the roots of problems, empower you with tailored solutions and empower you to live your dream life.


About Jess...

With ongoing studies at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, DreamRooted Jess is dedicated to continually expanding her knowledge in the realm of holistic health. She has years of hands-on experience in whole food and plant-based recipe creation and implementation of various holistic and sustainable lifestyle practices, including self-care, fulfilling diet changes, organic gardening, and natural healing modalities.

Hey, I'm Jess, 

As an intuitive person, I have always been one to ask, Why? Following an adolescence of toxic foods, toxic products, toxic relationships, and toxic thoughts, I made the necessary changes to become healthy. I began to tune back into my personal truth as well the interconnectedness of our world, detoxifying my life and creating wellness. My passion for holistic healing and sustainable and regenerative intention was lit, and I committed my life to living and sharing wisdom for the optimization of all.