Our Team

Samantha Lotus

Samantha Lotus - Founder

Lifestyle Alchemist & Nutritional Practitioner, Specializes in Psychoneuroimmunology

Samantha believes that proper nourishment, being in alignment, connecting to others and deep self love are key pillars to one’s health and self-actualization. Her motto of ‘Happy, Healthy, Free’ resonates throughout her personal life and professional practice. She is here to inspire and empower her fellow humans thoughout the global awakening and paradigm shift.

Alex Kemp Real Life But Better

Alexandria Kemp - Belong

The quest to free myself birthed a passion to help others find their personal freedom. It led me to dancing, healing, yoga,  meditation, intuitive eating, community, singing, writing, rituals and to an abundance of things opening me up to live my Freedom! I am in gratitude and service as we embark on this adventure together.

Emily Roy Real Life But Better

Emily Roy - ilovme

Emily is a gratitude guru, emotional and physical healing teacher and inspirational speaker. Through her workshops and coaching Emily shares her experiences, perspectives, tools and support to reclaiming your personal power and creating the life of your dreams!

Kierra VanRoots

I am a lady on a mission of love.

Holistic nutritionist with focus on helping people overcome their anxiety and depression.


Cherry Jane -Living Muse



Holistic Nutritional Consultant & Whole Food Recipe Creator, specializing in sustainable lifestyle transition & regenerative practices. 

Sara Anderson

A sacred space holder

Herbal Medicine Specialist, Inner Child Healing Facilitator, Creativity & Curiosity Coach