Our Team

Samantha Lotus

Samantha Lotus - Founder

Lifestyle Alchemist, Nutritional Practitioner & Wellness Business Coach

Samantha is here to inspire, engage, educate and activate other Wellness Warriors to reclaim their health, happiness & freedom. She feels that it is our innate human right to live abundant and fulfilling lives. She is on a mission to empower others to step into their power, to co-create a more beautiful world, to bring in the new paradigm, and to share their unique gifts to the world while having a lot of fun doing it!

This is Real Life But Better. 


Kierra VanRoots

A lady on a mission of love.

Holistic nutritionist with focus on helping people overcome their anxiety and depression.

Kierra also takes care of the creative side of the business, handling the editing, helping with the program creation, and bringing her magic and vision to the program.

Kierra's skills include everything from holistic coaching to food foraging and logo/web design to filming and editing!

This is a dynamic goddess! 


Living Muse Alchemy

Cherry Jane -Living Muse

Tiffany Nguyen

Branding, Web & Graphic Design, Project Management