Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care that emphasizes prevention and the self-healing process through the use of natural therapies. As a practitioner of natural medicine we blend century-old knowledge and a philosophy that nature is the most effective healer, with current research on health and human systems. 

Naturopathy focuses on identifying the underlying cause of dis-ease, while naturopathic therapies are supported by research drawn from peer-reviewed journals from many disciplines, including naturopathic medicine, conventional medicine, European complementary medicine, clinical nutrition, phytotherapy, pharmacognosy, homeopathy, psychology and spirituality.


The foundation of naturopathic medical practice is built upon the following six principles:

The Healing Power of Nature (Vis Medicatrix Naturae)

The body has an inherent ability to heal itself. Naturopathic practitioners identify and remove obstacles to recovery, in order to facilitate this healing ability in clients.

Identify and Treat the Causes (Tolle Causam)

The practice seeks to identify and remove the underlying causes of illness, rather than eliminate or merely suppress symptoms.

First Do No Harm (Primum Non Nocere)

Naturopathy follows three principles to avoid harming the client:

  1. Use methods and medicinal substances which minimize the risk of harmful side effects;
  2. Avoid, when possible, the harmful suppression of symptoms;
  3. Acknowledge and respect the individual's healing process, using what is beneficial to alleviating the dis-ease.

Practitioner as Teacher

Practitioners educate the client and encourage self-responsibility for health. They also acknowledge the therapeutic value inherent in the practitioner-client relationship.

Regard the Whole Person

Naturopathic practitioners regard each individual by taking into account physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors. Since total health also includes spiritual health, naturopathic practitioners encourage individuals to pursue their personal spiritual path.


Naturopathy emphasizes disease prevention, assessment of risk factors and hereditary susceptibility to disease and making appropriate interventions to prevent illness. Naturopathic medicine strives to create a healthy world in which humanity and the Earth may thrive.


Wellness is more than just 'not sick'. It is a state of optimum health and balance. Wellness means being healthy, characterized by positive emotion, thought and action. Wellness is inherent in everyone, regardless of current states of dis-ease. Knowing that the body is able to return to health and being positive enables the healing process to take place more rapidly and efficiently.



We offer bioindividual nutrition services and coaching. Our practice includes holistic naturopathic principles of mind, body, spirit and lifestyle considerations. We are a team of wellness specialists who take the WHOLE you into account, become your personal health investigator and create a unique bioindividual protocol to help you thrive.  

We also focus on human optimization, bio-hacking, neurological upgrades and medicinal expansion. We are here to help you achieve the mind, body and life you desire (because you deserve it).

Samantha Lotus Naturopathy

Human Optimization

Areas of health focus: 

  • Holistic complete mind/body wellness
  • Self love, self care, emotional eating, binge eating
  • Brain optimization and positive stimulation
  • Digestive Disorders (Candida, Parasites, IBS, Chrons, Colitis, etc)
  • Hormonal Imbalances (Adrenals, Pituitary, Thyroid)
  • Metabolic Imbalances (Diabetes, Obesity, Weight Management)
  • Skin Disorders (Acne, Psoriasis, Rash, Dry Skin)
  • Musculoskeletal Misalignment 

Body Alchemy - Look and Feel Awesome

It is ridiculously amazing and gratifying to have a body that you absolutely love. It doesn't make you vain or shallow, it is just an acknowledgement that a healthy body is a fit body. With the Body Alchemy program you will be guided step by step with shopping guides, recipes, fitness tips, metabolic information and ongoing support to ensure you reach your goals. The body of your dreams awaits you.  

1-on-1 coaching

Group optimization programs

Elite 'At-Home-Holistic-Life-Makeover' all access experience


Gut Healing & Improved Digestion

There's a war against our bodies and we're feeling it in our guts. The negative effects of the genetically modified foods, inflammatory Frankenfoods, antibiotics, chemicals, toxins, lifestyle pressures and emotional/psychological stress directly impact mind, body and certainly the guts. Gas, bloating, indigestion, nausea, heart burn, diarrhea, ibs, candida, brain fog, lack of energy, hormone imbalance, weight gain and mood disorders are affected by gut health. 

I personally overcame severe digestive issues, lyme, parasites, candida, ibs and leaky gut, so I truly know and sympathize with how challenging it is. I also know that healing is possible. Our team is dedicated to helping you heal your gut, mend your digestive system and be free of the suffering.

Want to be healthy? Want to be happy? Want to feel free of pain? 


PsychoEmotional Therapeutic Coaching


We help you determine and achieve your goals of health, happiness and freedom. We draw upon inspiration from disciplines including sociology, psychology, human development, counseling, mentoring and spirituality. We keep you motivated and accountable while being heard and seen. We are here to investigate any issues you may be facing and facilitate the release, transformation and change of the problems into resources and accomplish the desired behavior in all areas of your life.

Naturopathic Nutritional Services


We offer bioindividual nutrition services and coaching. Our practice includes holistic naturopathic principles of mind, body, spirit and lifestyle considerations. We are a team of wellness specialists who get to the root cause of the issue and support you with a personalized protocol for healing.

We also focus on human optimization, bio-hacking, neurological upgrades and medicinal expansion. We are here to help you achieve the mind, body and life you desire (because you deserve it).


Reiki Healing & Coaching

60 MINUTES $120 • 90 MINUTES $175

Reiki is a gentle healing technique that brings back energetic balance. It works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Are you looking for more freedom, acceptance & peace?

Tarot readings & Life coaching

60 MINUTES $100  

Wish you had someone looking out for you every moment? You do - The Universe! Focus on a question you need guidance about, then select your cards to understand what is going on, become in tune with your inner answers and get divine advice!


60 MINUTES $180 • 90 MINUTES $240

Osteopathy is a form of non-invasive, drug-free, manual medicine that focuses on total body health by treating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework, which includes the joints, muscles and spine. It positively affects the body’s nervous, circulatory and lymphatic system. It is a holistic approach that takes into consideration your mental and emotional states as well as lifestyle. This whole body therapy positively influences on your total well-being.


Deep Tissue Massage

60 MINUTES $120 • 90 MINUTES $175

Our deep tissue treatments have a therapeutic effect on the body, amplifying health and well-being by acting on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Moreover, mind/body function is improved; while physical dysfunction, pain, and the effects of stress are relieved and prevented through the use of Massage Therapy.


Foot Massage & Reflexology

60 MINUTES $95

Reflexology is intended to reduce generalized stress and help the body achieve a state of deep relaxation and homeostasis (that is, optimal balance of the body’s biochemical systems). There is great value for relieving generalized foot pain caused by cramped or chronically tight muscles. As this therapy is soothing and enjoyable, it releases endorphins, leading to pleasurable, relaxed states.



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