Podcasts & Video Interviews


Increase Productivity and Performance

Interview with Matthew Cooke on productivity, inner shine & high performance for entrepreneurs

Client Transformation & Testimonial

Join me in this informative interview with Christian (The Vibesmith) as he describes his journey from the Standard American Diet to a Healthy Holistic Lifestyle! 

Get the tips, tricks and story to inspire your own journey!!

How to Optimize your Life - Wellness Force Radio

From Wellness Force, "Today on the podcast we're joined by Samantha Lotus, Holistic Health Coach and Founder of “Real Life But Better,” as she steers us in the direction to trust, love, and accept ourselves fully.  Her approach to health and wellness will add beauty to life's experiences and help plant new seeds of inspiration deep within". 


Is Coconut Oil Healthy??

Special episode on Rogers Tv, regarding the many benefits of coconut oil. From beauty to better hormone balance, coconut oil is our favorite and final answer!!

Tune in to learn more about how to optimize your health!


The Best Tips for Healthy Travel

No one wants to get sick when they are travelling!!! This video brings you valuable tips and tricks to make sure you are protected so you can fully enjoy your holiday! 

Watch now to learn more from this Rogers Tv Special.