Kierra Van Roots Real Life But Better

Kierra Van Roots

I am so grateful and excited and to walk beside you on this journey of self-healing.


About Kierra

Kierra Van Roots is a wildly happy human and Holistic Nutritionist who studied at the renowned Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

She is a lady on a mission of love, specializing in empowering those with anxiety and depression to rediscover their inner MAGIC.

Through her own healing journey and experience with anxiety, depression, she found deep healing by through Herbal medicine, Ayurvedic practice, Homeopathy, ABM, Organic Farms and light work and the power of love.

In her 1 on 1 coaching she emphasizes the power of whole food nutrition, orthomolecular medicine and integrative self-care techniques for mind-body optimization.


Kierra Van Roots is also passionate about plant based cooking. Walking the plant based walk since 10 years of age, she is a self- taught chef with over a decade of experience with plant based cooking, and spends her spare time creating amazing recipes, foraging and making healing tinctures and teas.

She is an ambassador for Real Life But Better, a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Wonderland where she empowers and educates people in safe spaces to open up and free themselves from toxic patterns that hold them back from their true potential.