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Jess Kelly

I guide you in optimizing your well-being by coming to an understanding of the roots of problems, empower you with tailored solutions and empower you to live your dream life.


About Jess...

With ongoing studies at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, DreamRooted Jess is dedicated to continually expanding her knowledge in the realm of holistic health. She has years of hands-on experience in whole food and plant-based recipe creation and implementation of various holistic and sustainable lifestyle practices, including self-care, fulfilling diet changes, organic gardening, and natural healing modalities.

Hey, I'm Jess, 

As an intuitive person, I have always been one to ask, Why? Following an adolescence of toxic foods, toxic products, toxic relationships, and toxic thoughts, I made the necessary changes to become healthy. I began to tune back into my personal truth as well the interconnectedness of our world, detoxifying my life and creating wellness. My passion for holistic healing and sustainable and regenerative intention was lit, and I committed my life to living and sharing wisdom for the optimization of all.