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Creative Collaboration for events are wonderful opportunities for us to work more closely with our guests, extend our reach and provides occasions for us to share our dedication to community in exciting new ways.

Puerta a la vida 


Blissful Retreat in Beautiful Costa Rica

A place for dreamers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, innovators and enthusiasts of all kinds - a place for anyone who is interested in pursuing a life less ordinary. This is an innovative community founded in the belief that our most precious possession is life. 

We mobilize all of the possibilities within our reach to preserve health and build up an individual's health reserve, that we must eat fresh, local, organic whole foods; that people deserve an environment with clean air and water, free of pollutants, pesticides and contaminant; that the space in which we live be ecologically sustainable and in harmony with mother nature, art, beauty and peace. Attend or host a blissful retreat!


Holistic Health is a system of health care that accentuates personal responsibility and a cooperative relationship between practitioner and client. Its aim is to unify the physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional and spiritual components of the client’s life. These, together with correct lifestyle changes, promote healing and well-being. 

I am a faculty member of IHN where I teach students how to build their business and practice legally. The course Professional Practice prepares nutritional practitioners to for their wellness business endeavors so they too can help heal the planet, one person at a time. 

Superhero academy  

The School You Wished You Heard Of Sooner

We empower social entrepreneurs to be bold, dynamic, engaging storytellers - AKA SUPERHEROES - who will change the world through their actions and the movements they help inspire. 

The academy has branched out beyond business and entrepreneurship to cover and master mind-body health and spirituality. We support you on your journey to total life optimization so that you can maximize your wisdom, impact and adventure.  Founder Marc Coppola has built the university he wishes he could have attended when he was searching for knowledge. His academy now serves the global community by helping superheroes develop their wisdom, impact and adventure. 


A Canada in which everyone benefits from organic and natural health products.

Leading, empowering, and supporting our members to promote the growth and advancement of the organic and natural health products industry.

I partner, support and collaborate with various food and supplement companies to provide the best for my clients. 


Influencer brand Content Creations 

Samantha Lotus