Hey! I'm Samantha.

My purpose on this planet is to inspire, empower and educate eager and awakening humans to reclaim their divine right to health, happiness, freedom and abundance. I am on a mission to support other lifestyle alchemists to heal and thrive through mind, body, life & business mentorship.

Shifting into the heart, aligning with personal truth, healing the wounds, undoing the old programs, nourishing our mind, bodies & souls as well as connecting to tribe are the key pillars to ascension, wholeness and self-actualization.

My mission and objective to help shape a more conscious, connected and beautiful world for us all to share resonates throughout every fibre of my personal and professional practice. Catalyzing massive transformation is what I came here for.

My Story

Similar to the stories many of us share, I grew up with a Standard North American lifestyle; eat junk food, take the medications, stress out over everything, learn to repress my emotions, become consumed by fear and negativity, get sick, lose faith in my doctors, have a massive breakdown and find myself needing to piece together the broken parts.

I feel fortunate that I was smart enough to question, especially at 26, when I was told that I have a cancerous blood situation and that I MUST go the chemo/radiation route or I could potentially die, that I did not simply accept what was being pushed upon me, and instead I put on my thinking cap and asked more questions. The answers my doctors were giving me didn't feel true to me, and I didn’t accept the solutions they presented.

My research, introspection and dedication to healing opened me up to a whole new world and let me down to journey of self healing; the pathway of returning to wholeness.

Can we really heal ourselves?

Most doctors won’t tell you about this, simply because they haven’t been taught it. They go through a schooling system intertwined with the pharmaceutical and governing systems that do not want humans to know about the power of naturopathic and self-healing.

Luckily my degree in psychology, sociology and social research allowed me to navigate and analyze information that led me to the field of psychoneuroendoimmunology, the study of psychological processes and the interaction between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems of the body, while my interest in neuroscience, philosophy, metaphysics and spirituality opened me up to the realm of emotional, psychological and energetic healing.

By combining the hard and sort sciences with naturopathic medicine, Eastern vedic philosophies, metaphysical & quantum sciences and psychoneuroendoimmunology I was able to understand the root cause of illness and systematically pursue the path of inner and outer healing. 

Lifestyle Alchemy & Naturopathic Medicine

I have made it my mission to proliferate the practice of whole-istic healing... I do not just throw you a meal and supplement plan, but I am here to understand what is really going on (root cause), and to help co-create a systematic plan for your healing and to be a support for you throughout your journey.

I recognize that there are so many people out there wishing to improve their well-being, yet just don't know where to look for guidance. I also see many coaches and nutritionists who have the passion and the drive as well as the education, but not the systems, structures, direction or support to go out there and make the impact they want to create.

Whether it be in private practice, in a small classroom or large auditorium, I am here to inspire, educate and empower others to align with their highest and most vibrant selves so they too can experience their own 'Real life but better'. 

Samantha Lotus

Professional Bio

Samantha is a Lifestyle Alchemist, Reality Architect, and Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Psychoneuroendoimmunology (PNEI), Metaphysics, Energetics, Nutrition and Alternative Natural Medicine. Samantha is also passionate about human dynamics, holding an Honours degree in Sociology and Psychology, with distinction from Concordia University, as well as a diploma in adult education and a certificate in positive psychology based life coaching. Samantha also coaches other healers and health coaches in their Wellness Businesses and is the founder of “Real Life But Better”, a Holistic Mind, Body, Life & Business Coaching Company.

Samantha is on a mission to empower other lifestyle alchemists with mind/body/business development techniques, unique communication tools, and an abundance mindset to create the life of their dreams. She believes that shifting into the heart, aligning with personal truth, raising your vibration and getting proper human nourishment are key pillars to one’s health and self-actualization. Her motto of ‘Happy, Healthy, Free’ resonates throughout her personal life and practice, as she shares her gifts with her clients, students, and business partners.

Samantha has taught at various events, conferences, masterminds, festivals, agencies, corporations and schools such as: Concordia University, Hanyang University, The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and Superhero Academy.

Event Coordination & Partnerships

Samantha organizes, hosts and represents various projects and events that are in alignment with her vision and mission. Reach out & chat if you've got something going on that you would like to team up for! 



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