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I see how humans have been stripped of their potential, suppressed from their power, and conditioned to accept a life of 'sick, stressed, depressed and oppressed'. Well, the paradigm is shifting, and that's where I come in. 

I am a Lifestyle Alchemist, Metaphysical Naturopathic Practitioner, Wellness Business Coach, Speaker, Author & Lover with a vision, mission and goal to lead a human optimization revolution. 

I typically work with my clients in two ways:

1. Lifestyle Alchemy - Healing + Health & Happiness Optimization

2. Wellness Business Alchemy Coaching

Samantha Lotus
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Samantha is on a mission to educate, inspire and empower others with unique lifestyle alchemy tools, strategic bio-individual nutritional techniques, plant medicines and a continuous 'improvement belief system' to create the mind, body & life of their dreams. Samantha's motto of β€˜Happy, Healthy, Free’ resonates throughout her personal life and professional life, as she strives to help shape a more conscious, connected and abundant world for us all to share.  


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Healing and Wholeness Alchemy: Heal yourself holistically through the Lifestyle Alchemy Program: Mind, Body, Spirit & Life Optimization, Holistic Positive Psychology Based Coaching and Psychoneuroendoimmunology to achieve optimal health and wholeness. 

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Wellness Business Alchemy Program: Turn your passion for wellness into a business; From idea to execution, Wellness Business Alchemy Coaching Program has got you covered so that you can create an abundant life for yourself and you help others thrive in their lives. 


It is my honour and pleasure to help you reclaim your health, happiness & freedom so that you can enjoy the life of bliss and abundance you were meant to! You are worth it, you deserve it and you've got this. 


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