The Real Samantha

Hey! Welcome to Real Life But Better, I’m so glad you’re here! 

I’m Sam: a ‘life-a-holic’, mega foodie, travel junkie, book-worm, science nerd and big time lover. I believe in passionate living, authentic healing, cultivating happiness and most of all, I believe that we are meant to create the life of our dreams. I break rules, love being silly, do things my own way and live outside of the box. 

Real Life But Better means living your bliss; it’s about achieving that state of ‘Happy. Healthy. Free’.

By blending holistic nutrition, applied psychology, hard sciences and transpersonal studies, I take a mind-body approach to health. I use nutritional, emotional and bioindividual techniques to reach that state of bliss. I offer my clients a toolbox of tips and tricks to make easy, affordable and achievable changes to get them working towards where they deserve to be.

I started this blog to get people thinking and asking those important questions. We live in a society where most choices are made for us, whether we are aware of it or not. The foods we eat, exercises we do, things we study, amount of hours we work, clothes we wear, trends we follow, things we speak about, gods we worship and even the way we think and feel about ourselves are not really stemming from our own conscious choosing.  For me, it took being unhappy, unfulfilled, uninspired and severely unhealthy to finally realize things things, to finally wake up. 

I sought high and low in both the medical and holistic worlds for answers to my questions, solutions to my problems and for a way to heal my body and mind. I saw many specialists, spent thousands of dollars on foods, supplements, treatments, therapists, self-help books and even traveled the world searching for answers. It wasn’t until I blended my studies in sociology, psychology, holistic nutrition and philosophy to create a wholistic picture and understanding of what was going on that I began to heal. 

I learned that I wasn’t sick all of the time simply because of my diet, or because of my overexposure to antibiotics, or due to a lack of exercise or any of the other reasons why we are told we get sick. My thyroid didn’t stop working just out of the blue, my period hadn’t stopped for over 6 years because I was too thin, and my blood did not develop cancer because of a random mutation either. It just didn’t make sense. I became the picture of perfect health – I ate extremely clean, exercised, took my vitamins, used organic products and slept 8 hours, yet I felt like I was dying. Even after clearing the parasitic invaders from my blood and body, I was still drained, depressed, and dealing with disordered behavior and thought patterns. After another long night in emergency, I had an epiphany – my sickness originated in my emotional center and was deeply rooted in my psychological center and nervous system. I was literally stressing myself to death. 

This led me to deep emotional and spiritual questioning, a lot of self-work, a huge shift in lifestyle and to establishing a meaningful  connection with myself and the Universe. With this new awareness and way of existing, I finally found myself on the journey back to health, happiness & freedom. 

Thanks for being here to share my story <3 

My disastrous health

From a young age I suffered with recurring illnesses: ongoing bouts of strep throat, chest infections, sinus infections, fevers, flu, chronic colds, mononucleosis and overwhelming fatigue. The medical system ‘treated’ me with numerous rounds of antibiotics, pain killers, cough suppressants and nasal sprays – they only made things worse.

My teenage health wasn’t great either – My body was bombarded with toxins: junk food and drinks, flu shots, vaccines, multiple rounds of antibiotics and years of being on the birth control pill.

It was in my twenties that I began to really fall apart. I was overweight, had awful skin, suffered from minor depression, had no energy and was always getting sick. At the age of 26 I went through a situation with systemic infection, parasites, epsom barr, ecoli, cancerous blood activity, zero immune system, overwhelming stress and anxiety and rapidly fading hope of finding the light at the end of the tunnel.


Holistic Nutrition, Bio-Hacking, World Backpacking, Lots of Self-Loving and Reconnecting with the Universe

I spent years seeing different specialists, doing extensive research, consuming thousands of dollars worth of foods & supplements and being my own guinea-pig, I dove into the rabbit hole, had my eyes peeled open and began my journey to wellness. Nothing infuriates me more than the uneducated, corrupt and health detrimental medical system that fails so many people. I am an advocate for holistic healing – I KNOW that the body is able to rid itself of disease and return to health when given the proper tools. 

The journey to the root cause of my issues led me to the understanding that the cells in my body DID NOT just randomly mutate. My weakened immune system due to severe physical, psychological and emotional stress led me to being sick often, to have poor digestion, low energy and a depleted lust for life. Beyond that, my issues with my thyroid, skin, metabolism and mood we’re all interconnected as well. Working with nutrition, supplements, lifestyle tweaks and most importantly my emotional well-being, my health has transformed. I have noticed incredible differences in both how I feel and what my blood results have to tell!

To support my mental health throughout this journey, travel has been one of my biggest therapies- I have explored and appreciated 27 countries where I broadened my horizons and deepened my knowledge of self, truth, spirituality and holistic healing (read about some of my adventures here).

What really made the biggest difference in my life was surrendering to god/spirit/the Universe. I finally accepted that there is a plan that’s out of my control, that I am here for lesson learning, for testing, for growth and to essentially play a part of a bigger picture. By letting go and trusting the process, I feel more at peace with life and more able to cope with the sometimes craziness of existence. 


Together we will set goals for where you want to be.

By investigating the root cause and understanding the underlying blockages, we are able to design a custom made plan for transformation. My unique method combines not just the physical and psychological components of health, but also the sociological and environmental factors influencing your individual composition. Through personalized coaching, we work as a team to transform your goals and dreams into your very own Real Life But Better. 


Samantha is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Yin Yoga Instructor who graduated as Valedictorian, with Honours from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Samantha is also passionate about human dynamics, holding an Honours degree in Sociology and Psychology, with distinction from Concordia University, as well as a diploma in adult education and a certificate in life coaching. She is the founder of Real Life But Better, a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness practice where she educates about the power of holistic healing and mentors her clients in achieving optimal mind-body health with whole foods, nutritional orthomolecular medicine, yin yoga and integrative self-care techniques.

Samantha is on a mission to empower other wellness warriors with unique communication tools, business development techniques, and a continuous improvement mindset to create the life of their dreams. She believes that shifting into the heart, aligning with personal truth and proper nourishment are key pillars to one’s health and self-actualization. Her motto of ‘Happy, Healthy, Free’ resonates throughout her personal life and practice, as she shares her gifts of communication, confidence and connectivity with her clients, students, and business partners across Canada. Samantha teaches Professional Practice at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Ottawa campus.


Big smiles and all the love,


Certified Nutritional Practitioner & Holistic Lifestyle Coach