Spiritual Simplicity Recap – How to overcome self-doubt and be more of who you are.

Spiritual Simplicity Recap – How to overcome self-doubt and be more of who you are.

This spiritual awakening we are experiencing has many of us in a whirlwind of intensity, confusion, questioning and chaos. Isn’t it ironic that the journey towards enlightenment feels dark and heavy?

The ‘Spiritual Simplified Workshop’ facilitated by Uplifter Kosta Stoyanoff and Intuitive Lisa Lajoie aimed at clearing the spiritual clutter and finding soul clarity puts the lightness back into spirituality and guides attendees down the path of openness, soul exploration and self-realization.

It’s about relaxing into your higher self, about openness and being in the flow.

You can’t grow if there’s no flow” expresses the team with reassuring smiles.

These two Soul Tribe friends invite the audience to trust in the process, and allow the letting go to happen. They reinforce the benefit of embracing vulnerability and surrendering to the journey.

“My Soul saved me” – Story of transformation

I was incredibly touched by the personal testimonial of Lisa’s return to personal grace as she shares the story of being saved by her soul.

Lisa’s troubled youth held her captive in darkness and fear as she was internalized the feelings of not good enoughness and feeling unworthy. To cope with the immense pain in her life she shut off her feelings and turned on her ‘warrior side’ which led her through her years of what she recalls to be total destruction.

Like many of us, her coping mechanism for avoiding the inner pain was to numb the feeling and run from the deep emptiness she felt.

My self hate was so strong that I completely denied myself of all goodness

As a natural health practitioner, I see this expressed in my client’s behaviours as they deny themselves the things that would be beneficial, enriching, satisfying and sweet for themselves. With low self worth, it is often challenging to choose foods, activities, relationships or careers that are positive and fulfilling, because their inner frequency is not in alignment with the higher vibration of those things. Following the premise of ‘like attracts like’, we are naturally drawn to things that match our vibration and therefore reinforce the way we already feel.

If you are someone with low self-worth, low self-esteem and an overall sense of ‘not good enoughness’, you must remember that these low vibration feelings ARE NOT the facts.

Lisa went on to tell us about a pivotal moment where her soul saved her from herself. She listened to that inner voice whispering that things didn’t need to be this way, and this led her to the realization that there is always another way, for life is happening for us and we have the opportunity to choose the path of our destiny.

Kosta from Uplifted life contributes that the return to the self is remembering that have never been disconnected, we have only been really good at numbing and closing ourselves off.

Much of the dialogue offered by this spiritual growth facilitator invites the audience to explore the opposing forces of contraction and expansion and to realize the principal of universal oneness.

“Separation is the illusion” Kosta offers to the audience hanging on to his hope-inspiring words.

What plagues modern society more than anything else is the feeling of isolation, and separation. We feel disconnected from one another, from the Earth, from Source and especially from ourselves.

The repercussions of this emotional loneliness is an inner anxiety and a feeling of being broken which further perpetuates the pain, contraction, darkness and heaviness of our soul.

As I mentioned, following the principal of ‘like attracts like’, when we feel heavy (resonating with the frequencies of guilt, blame, shame and depression) we will seek out experiences that reproduce these feelings. This results in a negative cyclical pattern where we feel bad, so we subconsciously seek out experiences that match how we feel, which then worsen the feeling, and the negative feelings and thoughts involved then reinforce that we indeed deserve to feel bad.

I see this in my practice when it comes to binge eating. People often feel negative about themselves (especially in terms of body image and their relationship to food) and they try to restrict their consumption of foods they’ve labelled as bad, yet the human mind loves rebellion, so when the restrictions fail and they consume the food they said they weren’t aloud to, they reprimand themselves, shame themselves, blame themselves and then end up feeling so defeated that they find themselves binging uncontrollably. The aftermath of this cycle is an increase in the self-shame and self-hate that originated this cycle.

Anxiety is your friend

A powerful topic explored at the workshop was the idea that our anxieties and our feelings of unworthiness are actually here as helpful messengers to allow us to look at ourselves and know what we actually want. Through contrast they provoke us to move towards greatness.

When we have the fear, doubt, or sense of unworthiness arise, we have an opportunity to challenge those illusions and look underneath the layers to gain clarity of our heart’s desires.

If we can accept that we are the creators of our experience, and that we create based on our self stories, we are faced with the opportunity to change our reality by shifting the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

We must first give ourselves permission to be great. We must stop shunning away from our feelings and stop telling ourselves that we are broken, and in need of fixing. Our beliefs are powerful; they are what guide our actions and therefore result in the unfolding of our lives. What is interesting about beliefs, is that although they hold a great deal of influence and potential, they are NOT facts. Beliefs are just what we accept as true. Beliefs can change, and when they do, so do our lives.

A very interesting and insightful perspective offered by Lisa is that ‘unworthiness is one of the most selfish human qualities. It keeps you small and stuck and solely focused on yourself.’

No one benefits from you feeling unworthy; by letting go of this limitation in belief you enable yourself to step into your power and share your unique gifts with the world.

We live in a reality that reflects back to us who we are.

Powerful Affirmations – Repeat after me:






The major takeaway from Kosta and Lisa’s event is this: It’s OK to be who you are. We are here to grow, expand, ascend, awaken, empower and experience.

In search of freedom, above everything else, we must value lightness and remember our greatness. Our freedom depends on our perception and our choices. We have the responsibility and the privilege to take ownership over our actions and reactions. Let us approach the world with childlike glee and have more fun with this adventure. 

Stop avoiding your truth and hiding from who you are. It is time to love yourself throughout the journey back home and create the space for lightness and joy. 

A big thanks to Lisa, Kosta and Elina for sharing the love and inspiration.

In health & happiness,


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