Real Life But Better

It’s simple – Life is meant to be lived…I mean really lived.

I have found that the three fundamental life goals come down to: happiness, health and freedom. 

How do we achieve these three fundamental life goals?

Getting clear about what your passion and purpose is – Why are you here on this earth? What do you desire most? What do you wish to achieve in this lifetime?

Having the energy, strength and vitality to fulfil your life goals – Are you eating the right foods? Is your exercise right for you? Are you taking the appropriate supplements? Are your medications slowly killing you?

Supporting the mind and balancing the emotions to fight stress and cultivate peace – How do you balance work and pleasure? Are you giving yourself the chance to decompress? Are you having enough fun in your life?

The answers to these simple questions make the biggest differences in winning at life.

My Philosophy – The Real Life But Better model for holistic health.

Being healthy is meant to be simple, easy and fun. I don’t believe in strict diets, insanity workouts, mega-supplement dosing or prescribing hours of meditation and yoga. 

I give clear, simple and fun ways to upgrade health and well-being. I blend life coaching, nutritional practice and unconventional ‘freedom techniques’ to help guide you towards your own definition of ‘Real Life But Better’. I do not believe in strict diets, plans or schedules because we are HUMAN and do not need to be living under all these restrictions. I will help you find your passion, give you a deeper understanding of nutrition and health and help you form a plan of action to have more fun and live a balanced life.

Why? Because you deserve to be happy, healthy and free.

Nothing makes me more sad or upset than our current healthcare system. People are treated like factory farmed medical guinea pigs. When we get sick, who is there to help us? Health is more than putting on a bandaid or popping a pill and calling it a day. True health is about understanding the root cause of illness and healing radically – mind, body and spirit. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to get the support you need from your doctor. They don’t have the time, the resources or the knowledge. Most Western Doctors are pharma-puppets and only have harmful drugs as their tools.

Through my own journey through illness, I have learned that dis-ease stems from beyond the physical self. We’ve all heard that STRESS is the leading cause of most sickness, but do we really know what that means? We have become completely disconnected from source, mother earth, our food, one another and most importantly, from ourselves. We live in a way that is so opposite to nature that we are suffering. A plant will die without sun and water right? We need to do better for ourselves.

Ultimately, I am most passionate about reconnecting, about sharing my knowledge of holistic health and seeing the world become the place of passion and purpose it is meant to be.

If you believe that life is meant to be loved, you’re in the right place. If you are too big for that tiny box, you’re in the right place. If you want to reach your goals and achieve your dreams while feeling healthy, happy and free, we’re going to get along just fine.

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I know you’re ready to find your own Real Life But Better…

I look forward to sharing your journey with you!

Real Life But Better

All the love,

Samantha Lotus