France Elections – Emmanuel Macron & Healthy Homemade Nutella

France Elections – Emmanuel Macron & Healthy Homemade Nutella

The people have voted – Emmanuel Macron for French President! Although Real Life But BETTER isn’t about politics, it is about embracing the positives, and with a vision of uniting a divided France and ending war between extremes, this is something to recognize. 

What better way to celebrate a young, forward thinking new French president then with a Healthy Homemade Vegan Nutella!!! (Vive le chocolat)

Healthy Nutella | Homemade Vegan Recipe
Yields 2
Delicious and simple 5 ingredient Healthy Nutella. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - do as the French do!
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  1. 3 cups raw hazelnuts
  2. 3/4 cup raw cacao powder
  3. 1 tbsp organic vanilla extract
  4. 3 tablespoon coconut oil, melted
  5. 12 dates (can use maple syrup or stevia)
  6. pinch of sea salt
  1. Mix/blend/pulse the hazelnuts until they are powdered. They will then begin to release their oils and get sticky.
  2. Once this happens, you can add in the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth
  3. Store in a air tight glass jar (if it makes it that far)
  4. Enjoy!
This recipe is simple, delicious, nutritious and oh so wonderful on fresh baguette and croissants. I lived in France for two years, and trust me… a lot of Nutella is consumed – it acts as a staple breakfast, snack and dessert. 

I’m not going to lie, I do love Nutella, it’s pretty much creamy liquid crack, but being a holistic nutritional practitioner, I know how to read the nutritional label, and I can’t get behind feeding my body that junk!

Ingredients in Nutella 

nutella ingredients

Just because you respect your body enough to say no to processed sugar, modified ingredients, refined inflammatory oils and emulsified Frankenfoods DOESN’T mean you have to miss out completely! 

Get creative, be a problem solver, focus on the solution! (I’ve made this one easy for ya)


The health benefits of raw cacao

Raw cacao has more than 300 phytonutrients and nearly four times the antioxidant power of regular dark chocolate. It also contains protein, calcium, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, magnesium, and sulfur. 

Cacao stimulates the brain in a positive way, creating feelings of happiness and mental calm – A natural tasty anti-depressant! 

So go on…MAKE YOUR OWN!! Have a Post Electoral Presidential win baking party! 

Felicitations Emmanuel Macron, Vive la France, Viva la nouvella Nutella!  

Get your raw cacao here!

And for the best food processor for all your homemade goodies!

Xx Samantha Lotus

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