Death Bed Reflection – What really mattered?

Death Bed Reflection – What really mattered?

I did a powerful exercise this week that transformed the way I look at what really matters in my life. I invite you to try this too. 

Death Bed Reflection

Close your eyes and picture yourself on your death bed. You are at the end of your very successful and fulfilling life, you are filled to the brim with peace, love, joy and a beaming sense of accomplishment. You are ready to leave the world knowing that you have created, nourished and achieved all of your heart’s desires.

Now, while basking in the serenity of that feeling, I invite you to look back at what brought you to this place. What really mattered to you? Focus on the feelings more than the details. What did it take for you to feel successful and fulfilled as you are in your last moments of life? 

Here are the reflections from my death bed meditation:

Reflecting back on my life…

I have overcome the illusion.

I have seen, felt, embodied and transmuted the light.

I have become the lighthouse.

I have guided the lost through the darkness and have welcomed them to the shore.

I have invited them into my home and nourished them with hope, faith and love.

I have taught them the way.

I have given them the tools to continue on their journey, sharing with others the fruits of abundance.

I am successful as I have imparted the wisdom of health, happiness, freedom and connection.

The people now know the alchemy of true healing.

I have empowered others for their adventures and invited them to join my mission.

I have helped create a community built on connection and contribution.

I have been surrounded by love.

I have stayed strong.

I have stayed soft.

I have forgiven myself.

I have forgiven all.

I have let go of fear.

I have learned my lessons

I have lived a life of gratitude and grace.

I have learned to both love and accept love fully. 

I leave this world feeling fulfilled, successful and blessed.


Writing this letter of reflection on my life has allowed me to reverse engineer the roadmap of my desired destiny. I find a sense of peace and tranquility knowing I have been given an insight to the end of this journey that I am manifesting with every moment. 

Isn’t it an amazing time to be alive?

Samantha Lotus

With love & gratitude, 


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